5 Cell Cycle 1 Study Guide

5 Cell Cycle 1 Study Guide - mechanism of DNA separation...

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BS 111 (Kopachik) Cell Cycle I Terms to know: Cell cycle Cell division Binary fission Origin of replication (ori) Nucleoid Exponential growth curve Lag phase Log phase Stationary phase Interphase mitosis Cytokinesis Checkpoints Gap 1 phase S phase Gap 2 phase Start Chromosome Chromatid Centromere Kinetochore Spindle Aster (astral rays) Exploratory behavior Kinetochore spindle microtubules Centriole Centrosome (microtubule organizing center) Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Cytokinesis Cleavage furrow Cell plate 1. What occurs during interphase? What occurs during mitosis? What occurs during cytokinesis? 2. What are three ways physiological cell signals affect the cell cycle? 3. Describe the log phase of the growth curve (how is it named log phase, how is it recognized, what occurs during this period).
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4. Compare and contrast the prokaryotic cell cycle with the eukaryotic cell cycle with regard to: the time to complete, the separate phases, the replication of DNA, the
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Unformatted text preview: mechanism of DNA separation. How do these differences fit with the physiology and life style of the two types of cells? 5. Describe the phases of the cell cycle with respect to: name, order in cycle, key checkpoints, what occurs during the phase, relative length, amount of DNA. 6. What happens in mitosis to chromosomes, to the nucleus, to the centrosome? 7. Describe the phases of mitosis (state of DNA ploidy, amount of DNA, relative condensation level, spindle formation and attachment to DNA, state of nuclear envelope, unique structures appearing during the phase, location of the chromatids) 8. How is the force generated to move chromosomes to the poles? 9. What is the mechanism for pinching off the two daughter animal cells? Compare and contrast this method to that occurring in plant cells....
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5 Cell Cycle 1 Study Guide - mechanism of DNA separation...

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