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Assignment #2 Lecture

Assignment #2 Lecture - Assignment#2 A Virtual Team At T.A...

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Assignment #2 A Virtual Team At T.A. Stearns This group is a team so different individuals with different set of skills can combine their talents to create quality programs in a quick efficient manner. The different skill sets allow people to specialize in certain areas of programming so that work is finished faster since some people with have comparative advantages in specific fields. The different personality types also allow for new ideas to emerge that workers might have been exposed to if they have worked alone. It also appears that a friendly relationship has developed amongst them and they feel comfortable enough to assists one another and help carry the workload if one of them falls into trouble. A sense of loyalty and compassion for each other is apparent as evidenced by the improvement of the macro. It was created by Cy to allow his fellow workers to finish their work in a more efficient manner so they could dedicate their time to personal matters. Furthermore, a
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