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7_1_Pogge_Lecture - maximalism – efforts to fulfill human...

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Philosophy 338 | Summer 2009 Brandon Morgan-Olsen | 7.1 Thomas Pogge, “How Should Human Rights Be Conceived” Pogge’s institutional account of rights as an alternative to: Minimalist account: rights entail only negative duties Maximalist account: rights entail negative and positive duties (Pogge presents Shue  as a prime example of a full Maximalist). Pogge’s take on minimalism/maximalism: minimalist – only self-restraint; 
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Unformatted text preview: maximalism – efforts to fulfill human rights everywhere/anywhere on earth. [Explicit formulation on p. 200.] Pogge is rejecting “interactional alternatives” [cf. pp. 200-201]. “Responsibility for a person’s human rights falls on all and only those who participate with this person in the same social system” (201).” Compare Pogge and Feinberg Compare Pogge and Cranston Compare Pogge and Shue...
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