Base TOEFL Test 2 (Book1_ 9~16)

Base TOEFL Test 2 (Book1_ 9~16) - Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz...

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Unformatted text preview: Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz 2(Book1_9~16) Synonym 1. acquisition giving o keeping 2. anomaly fortunate sudden 3. consciously physical happily 4. degrade discharge feature 5. gap opening stability 6. indisputable overlap permeating 7. agnostic inhabit ~ adversely q skeptical about god's existence integrally 16. fatally 8. animism irrigation cultivation ' belief in natural objects combustion 17. forensics shrinking permeating affluent deadly ~ physical o unquestionable 15. disease flourish disorder nourishment atheist intensification hugeness 14. decrepit 2 weakened increasing intrepid arbitrary reduce in value absorb 13. aggravate 2 liberate berate former worsen accidentally with awareness 12. deify - worship as a god 2 regulate n excel fertilize x something unusual bright 11. contemplate consider lease employ own extend act of taking possession inclined to impacted favoring antipathy flooding 9. atheist archeologist excel n one not believing god's existence 7 one that hates human beings verdict migration 18. persist 5 obtain investigation n asset famine 27. haunt arrogant foretelling the future enrapture work 5 defend 2 appear as a ghost 28. horror y survive impoverish 19. anesthesia y reducing pain allocating 20. augment inherent increase 21. certifiably arbitrary unauthentic 22. complication y difficulty inference 23. cure x acquire 5 enrich 24. implant shrink 2 avoid set in firmly reveal 34. folklore 25. astrological reservoir related to stars 26. divination predicament authority incentive abduction 35. fossilize H be preserved structure myths plunge migration fluctuation hide x restore to health 33. domesticate artistic x gut hypothesize train offense proportion 32. cremation 2 burning the dead obtain erupt contaminate supposedly 2 as officially recognized 31. assimilate love H incorporate h discretely maximize evidence 5 convey 30. invoke H piracy 2 abandon 5 appeal shuttle 5 haggle adapting 29. intermediary 5 shrewd grotesque ~ agnostic x acting as an agent 5 fear 5 survive affection rate scandal 36. relic installation @ argument 37. amend ( correct corrode 38. biased , prejudicial 7 equitable 39. intervene dispose of ( inborn 40. burden ~ fertilize emission 45. distinctly extinction dishonor l something from the past physically exponentially 46. erudite festively ( clearly ~ humiliate y offset infinitesimal ( bearing 47. fortify highly educated ~ feasible accuse elemental discreet strengthen juxtapose 48. implicitly ( overlap come between take advantage multiple conspicuous 49. parochial exponential parallel ( exotic implying context x source of stress maintenance 41. counter survive ( oppose anticipate 42. de facto unquestionable in reality 43. discriminate stable x make distinction , arbitrate 44. curriculum , course of study dilettante intrinsic theoretical circulate ( evolve viewpoint narrow in view improve 50. ecclesiastical discouraging ( merit x related to a church innovative ...
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