Base TOEFL Test 3 # (Book1_ 17~5)

Base TOEFL Test 3 # (Book1_ 17~5) - Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz...

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TOEFL Vocab Quiz 3(Book1_17~5) Synonym 1. allegiance r abandon loyalty f keeping acquisition 2. rank augment f arrange erupt f fortify 3. ratio proportion f rigor f convey divination 4. cease discharge f degrade f cause stop 5. strategic tactical agnostic stability invasive 6. in the trenches f overlap in the hardest fight permeating in safety 7. mobilize f inhabit maximize : activate collide 8. annex y add haunt ’ cultivate juxtapose 9. apex archeologist highest point precipitation lowest point 10. resist r impact obtain collapse withstand 11. conquest takeover employ lease sacrifice 12. severely per capita harshly deplete E proportionately 13. violation breaking law artillery f pious ecclesiastical 14. prevailing r predominant intrepid inherent arbitrary 15. chronologically flourish order of time adversely random 16. coincide shrink coexist permeate amend 17. longitude Name :
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evidence vertical line consequence horizontal line 18. milieu nucleus prognosis environment vein 19. Orwellian
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Base TOEFL Test 3 # (Book1_ 17~5) - Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz...

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