Base TOEFL Test 4 # (Book2_ 6~13)

Base TOEFL Test 4 # (Book2_ 6~13) - Name TOEFL Vocab Quiz...

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Unformatted text preview: Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz 4(Book2_6~13) Synonym 1. advocate u abandon X keep 2. authority u power eruption 3. bitterly intuitively 2 be inclined to 4. inaugurate X start decline 5. policy X burden hierarchy candidate 14. inquiry 6. contest X overlap permeate 7. poll X inhabit 4 asset 8. accuse 8 annex j charge rank juxtapose 17. surveillance loyalty 2 survey 16. seize 8 seep permeate coincide 8 take u challenge safeguard 15. intrusively flourish allegedly u intervening 2 jointly u consequence d merit investigation incentive 8 system of ways exploit per capita 13. guilty invasive pious responsible 4 arrogant expeditiously harshly 12. witness X obtain y see X defend u impoverish subsidy 8 equity 11. verdict X apex X core decision by court 4 sacrifice support acquire 10.suspect u impact @ allegiance j cease supposed perpetrator 9. allegedly physically ritually without proof self-perpetuating watching intrepid incentive ~ in the trenches 8 convey permeate 27. prevalent 18. bureaucratic h enterprising marginal 19. condemn criticize advocate 20. objectively X fair X biased 21. implicate u involve 8 exalt 22. suspicious doubtful 8 sole 23. tolerate u gut X enrich 24. versus 3 against u advocate privileged 2guilty 34. unmask 25. hypothesize circulate s install 26. impair diminish aggregate X guess implement 35. piracy stealing 8 rate X reveal 4 coerce reward j hide maximize X allow 33. scandal u affluence prototype 2 subsidy E embarrassment marginal 4 industrious 32. grotesque , nobility h unattractive prestige aristocracy meditate invoke 31. evade u escape , lease e prosper accumulate u contrary complication 30. reform improve s obese X deplete constraint X prosper X piracy 29. cynically parochial h disrespectfully discretely integrally h hierarchical X feature 28. bribery 8 luxury + rate affection p giving money for privileges 2 civil k secular prevailing rigorous conquest 36. detain 8 hold x discharge 37. deviant prestige proportionately 45. paternal skillfully convict hazardous h intentional folklore 46. proximity 2 nearness u intermediary 47. cohesion h misconception relating to a father X psychic h astrological irregular 38. predicament X dilemma irrigation 39. smuggle prevail resign 40. villainy denominator accuracy 41. modify ratio - change 42. potent diverse X erudite powerful 43. residual leftover u gap 44. subtly 8 only u extracting h anticipating resist X retain interdict compensate 8 badness eruption promote import illegally authority X peer tangible combustion scar y gap acquisition 48. sentiment rite X anomaly 49. sibling X vein X brother 50. kin X shrewd grotesque u adherence retrieve feelings affluence u decrepit gala i net relatives ...
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  • TOEFL Vocab Quiz, seep permeate coincide, condemn criticize advocate, burden hierarchy candidate, impair diminish aggregate

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