Base TOEFL Test 4(Book2_ 6~13)

Base toefl test 4book2 613

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Unformatted text preview: Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz 4(Book2_6~13) Synonym 1. advocate u abandon keep 2. authority u power eruption 3. bitterly intuitively 2 be inclined to 4. candidate emission f entrepreneur 5. coalition burden union y gap 14. offense 6. contest overlap permeate 7. election inhabit 4 asset 8. accuse annex j charge rank juxtapose 17. ascertain inflation 2 voting 16. apprehend shrink permeate coincide capture challenge safeguard 15. peer flourish proprietor friend hierarchy violating law affluence merit incentive hierarchy nominee merchant 13. guilty invasive pious responsible arrogant f expeditiously harshly 12. legitimate u arbitrary 8 contemplate fair marginal subsidy equity 11. convict conquest lease P decide to be guilty sacrifice support acquire 10.civil 2 impact generation @ denominator v not a criminal charge 9. allegedly f physically ritually f without proof self-perpetuating compensate abuse assure exploit ( convey permeate 27. inference 18. bureaucratic enterprising marginal 19. condemn criticize advocate...
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