Base TOEFL Test 4(Book2_ 6~13)

Ancestral hereditary fatal 47 cohesion accuse twist y

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Unformatted text preview: n - accuse twist y gap acquisition 48. descendant purposely @ in the trenches terminal ( anomaly 49. inheritance ( captive industrious ( vein h legacy 50. kin nobility artillery ( shrewd grotesque TM net relatives forensics verdict tangible children adherence retrieve j aggressively invading bureaucratic tangible P false belief ( dynamic psychic P astrological irregular 38. distort u lease u amend 39. intentionally prevailing n accidentally 40. addictive arrogant P cynically 41. cartel ratio business coalition 42. concentrated exploited biased intense erudite 43. interdict prohibit u gap 44. juxtapose endure P put next to assail allocate...
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