Base TOEFL Test 4(Book2_ 6~13)

Condemn criticize advocate 20 evidence liability x

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Unformatted text preview: 20. evidence liability X proof 21. implicate u involve ( exalt 22. analyze ( poll h examine 23. assail u gut X enrich 24. contrary opposite 8 notion 25. hypothesize circulate 8 install 26. impair diminish aggregate X guess implement 35. coerce ( force apprehend privileged marginal 34. abduction reservoir 3 coalition X reward kidnapping maximize criticize 33. integrity u domesticate u prototype 2 subsidy 2 honesty decline impoverish 32. grotesque , nobility unattractive prestige aristocracy meditate invoke 31. evade u escape , lease e prosper accumulate surveillance complication 30. erode corrode u obese X appeal shuttle X prosper X piracy 29. cynically parochial disrespectfully discretely integrally hierarchical X feature 28. bribery ( luxury + rate affection p giving money for privileges 2 curriculum u secular conclusion e rigor conquest 36. detain ( hold x discharge 37. deviant 4 gut ( survive abandon 45. misconception convict hazardous relic folklore 46. ancestral @ hereditary fatal 47. cohesio...
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