Base TOEFL Test 5 # (Book2_ 14~21)

Base TOEFL Test 5 # (Book2_ 14~21) - Name : TOEFL Vocab...

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Unformatted text preview: Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz 5(Book2_14~21) Synonym 1. affection 2 complication s advocate 2. associate , counter x amend x meet 3. in common as a shared character n precipitation 4. clique emission installation 5. confide persevere x corrode x coerce x confess 14. obnoxious 6. exclusive 2 selective chronological 7. solidarity cohesion loneliness 8. willing X invoke - invasive * terminal agreeable 17. berate X extent emission 16. shame merit accidentally X dilemma dishonor reconciling Orwellian 15. antipathy p negative feeling X ratio affection artillery 2 prevailing affluence healthy bothersome candidate p group of friends 13. vanish p fossilize x corrupt disappear X assimilate notion integrally 12. engender r modify s contemplate contest cause subsidize 11. reciprocity n complex X lease @ exchanging state kin inflation - love 10.devotion 2 flood cultivation generation sacrifice 9. proliferation increase x relic x rigor X humiliation compensate insult assure employ trigger x rotate 27. status quo 18. contemptuous x unleash marginal , having no respect 19. despise exalt X prosper X hate advocate 20. stigmatize X plunge p mark with disgrace s smuggle 21. adolescent striking X young 22. vitriolic X bitter exotic advocating incompetent industrious X intrepid inhibit feature elementally x inborn 28. perspective context portrayal maintenance 29 portrayal parochial description 30. realism 2 working class p obese 31. intrinsic r complex innate 32. spectrum Orwellian existing state viewpoint x phantom authority in common x tendency to show as they are augment concentrated 23. hypocritically 2 per capita x flood 24. delinquency - praise notion prestige misbehavior pretending hilarious clique x mirror advent k range of different colors 33. ambiguous s domesticate s inherent j vague j famine 34. connotation 25. manipulation toleration p core 26. rebel s protest v impair saga 35. decipher X coerce X interpret p artful management reservoir coalition implied meaning contamination conquest 36. denote x express y discharge 37. illiterate 5 gut x recede 45. zeal advance inhibit hazardous x passion commodity x photosynthesis persevering 46. cumbersome r ancestral , fatal 47. striking ~ psychic hedonistic x unable to read 38. ingenious s net rite clever E nonprofessional obliterate paternal burdensome ascertain intrusive 48. trend something written into a rock tendency advocate 49. vanity attracting x asset 39. inscription acquisition 2 constraint 40. phonetic x grammar cynical 41. symbolic theoretical exclusive 42. incompetent capricious prejudiced 43. medium n way of expression 2 bulk 44. skit x opera X short play misconception abduction unskilled x erudite intrepid x representative p related to sounds number under line in a fraction inflation x peer x impair x vein x minimum conceit antipathy 50. vulnerable - weak exploit fertilize parallel ...
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