bus115-organization plan

bus115-organization plan - maximize awareness of their...

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Business Plan Component To: Dr. Richard Laskowski From: Man-wai Chan Section: 01 Subject: Bus115 Company name: 3M Co. Team name: lmnr (Group 1) Sources: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=MMM+Historical+Prices http://www.3m.com/ http://www.planetinsane.com/3m-biggest-decline-in-the-dow-jones-due-to-sluggish projections/263903/ Weekly Stock Prices: Friday 02/11/2011 – $ 91.80 Monday 02/14/2011 – $ 91.90 Tuesday 02/15/2011 – $ 92.00 3M Company’s mission statement is to “solve unsolved problems innovatively.” The 3M Company’s vision statement is to “earn customer loyalty and respect when the company effectively differentiates from their competition, and to both communicate and reinforce the 3M brand strategy. The 3M brand identity standards serve to continually reinforce their frame of reference and the 3M brand promise.” The 3M Company has a strategic plan that aims to build a truly global brand, and to
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Unformatted text preview: maximize awareness of their single, unifying 3M brand. If 3M Company completes this, their strategies will increase familiarity of the 3M brand identity. This will happen through consistent application of their identity standards worldwide, by building equity through identity assets that are globally recognized, and by building market leadership in every market they serve. The 3M Company has long and short range goals. The company expects strong sales in Asia and Latin America in 2011 because these countries are fast-growing markets. According to the CEO of 3M, George Buckley, these areas contribute a third of the sales of the company and may increase sales 45 percent in 2015. 3M does not have any contingency plan. There has not been a change in the upper level management or leadership of the company in the last three years....
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bus115-organization plan - maximize awareness of their...

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