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Apostrophes Exercise 1

Apostrophes Exercise 1 - It was abandoned in a junk yard 6...

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Combine the sentences in each set below, changing the word order so that the nouns in  bold  show possession. Supply an apostrophe or an apostrophe plus  -s  wherever necessary. Here's an example: Original:  Tubby  sings. His singing drives me crazy. Combined:  Tubby's  singing drives me crazy. 1. Our neighbors have a dog. It chews gum. It drinks rum. 2. My grandfather lives in the playhouse. The playhouse is in the back yard. The playhouse belongs to our  children . 3. Donna has a younger sister. Her younger sister lives in the Yukon. Her younger sister is a lumberjack. 4. Do you remember the World Series? The World Series was last  year . Do you remember which team won? 5. Keith owns a Volkswagen bus. The bus is old. It was stolen last night.
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Unformatted text preview: It was abandoned in a junk yard. 6. I enjoy the sonnets of Shakespeare. For this reason I read them. I read them at least once a year. 7. The newspaper came out this morning. The newspaper said that the concert had been canceled. The concert was supposed to be tonight . 8. The pick-up truck crushed the motorcycle. The pick-up truck belongs to Oliver . The motorcycle belongs to Linda . 9. The Johnsons have a garden. It is a vegetable garden. Raccoons visit the garden frequently. The racoons enjoy a midnight snack there. 10. We watched the puppy. The puppy belongs to my neighbor . The puppy chewed a slipper. The slipper belongs to my sister ....
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