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Profiles in Courage Review - Xavier Baquero 10-0126...

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Xavier Baquero 10-0126 Leadership I Wednesday, July 28 th , 2010 Professor Shindell Profiles in Courage Book Review With this book, John F. Kennedy proclaims himself of a man who believes and admires values. In this particular case, it is Courage . At the beginning he recalls the wise words of Ernest Hemingway: “Courage is grace under pressure”. This could be Kennedy’s favorite adjective, for he got inspired to write a book of the heroes who represent this, a Pulitzer Prize award winning book. There were eight senators who had the bravery and serenity, to do what is right, evaded to be compelled by the opposition and fight for what they believe in. Something that people do not focus on, when choosing a candidate, something that has become oblivious to people. He described senators like John Quincy Adams, or Robert A. Taft who did great things, honorable people, with research and some help, Kennedy was able to recognize to the whole country. Ethos is very strong in this book, since Kennedy was a Senator himself, and knew how these men felt at times. Even though it seems that Kennedy in his time as a senator was not as strong
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Profiles in Courage Review - Xavier Baquero 10-0126...

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