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Wall Street 2 Paper

Wall Street 2 Paper - Xavier Baquero 10-0126 Financial...

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Xavier Baquero 10-0126 Financial Mathematics Friday, April 7, 2011 Professor Lagares Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Paper In the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps directed by Oliver Stone, one can observe, and have an experience of how life is at Wall Street. Where all those top executives know, that money never sleeps, that one day you have it, and another it can leave. The motion picture displays many topics that have been discussed in the course’s topic, such as the regulation of the financial system. Where business people in the movie, were very careful with performing illegal activities, which could cost them time in jail. They did manage to achieve malignant objectives, but characters like Bretton did manage to avoid being charged by insider trading, moral hazard and adverse selection for a long time. Another factor that is viewed in the movie is investor’s expected return, this is represented by Jacob Moore, a young broker who at the beginning of the movie invests his whole bonus on the company he had worked for and believed in. When
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