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FDSCTE 201 Proteins 1. What are the main functions of proteins in the body? 2. What makes an amino acid essential? 3. Name the 2 essential amino acids for man that are most often limiting 4. What is Marasmus? 5. What is Kwashiorkor? 6. How many calories are there in a fram of protein? 4 kcal per gram like carbohydrates 7. What do you call the bonds that links amino acids together?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What is a condensation reaction? 9. What is a hydrolysis reaction? 10. What does PER refer to? 11. Why are PERs performed with young animals? 12. Which amino acid is essential for infants, but not adults? 13. What amino acids are especially important to growing animals? 14. What is meant by complementary relationship?...
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