MODULE 12 - Bioplastics from Uncultivated Bacteria...

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MODULE 12 12) Bioplastics from Uncultivated Bacteria Introduction Number of bacterial cells contain poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymers and other similar polymers These polymers are used by organism as carbon and energy storage compound similar to fat cells in humans Majority of cell can be filled with these polymeric inclusion bodies Typically these compounds accumulate within cell when cell has nutrients imbalance o Cell has more carbon nutrient than it can use bc growth limited by lack of another required nutrient Biotin causes a regulatory effect that results in utilization of carbon stores rather than accumulation of carbon stores Poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) 4 carbon compound Organic acid Can be carbon and energy reserve Polymer can have 1000s of these within single chain, around 25000 Accumulates intracellularly when carbon source not limiting for growth Under carbon starvation conditions, polymer can be used by cell PHB and similar compounds can be extracted and used industrially to produce biodegradable environmentally friendly plastics Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) PHB is member of this class Polymers are similar but can vary in nature of R group R group can consist of chains up to 13 carbons in length
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Structure determines number of physical properties Huge number of diff polymers that can be made in these bacteria Can occur naturally or be made through engineering the organism metabolically
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MODULE 12 - Bioplastics from Uncultivated Bacteria...

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