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Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 10:10 - Buhrman, plus guest lecturers lecture format – largely power-point based – will be posted on Blackboard - provided attendance does not drop Text: There is no text book for the course. Reading material will be posted on Blackboard and on e-Reserve Lab: One afternoon per week (M, T, W or Th) - Dr. Jon Velazquez plus TA’s The lab manual handed out in lecture - and posted on Blackboard Labs meet in 111 Ward Lab Student Assignments: Lab reports Reading assignments and homework (2 or 3 HW assignments during semester) Material in assignments will be covered in exams Grade: AEP/Eng. 102 Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Course Details
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Tentative AEP 102 Schedule – Fall 2007 Week Lecture # Date Lecture Topic Lecturer Lab Topic 22-Aug 1 Aug. 22 Introduction to NSE - What is nanotechnology/NNI Buhrman No Lab 27-Aug 2 Aug. 28 Introduction to NSE -Continued Buhrman Crystal Radio 3 Aug. 30 Photolithograpy I Buhrman 3-Sep 4 Sept. 4 Photolithography II - X-ray, EUV, Ion Buhrman Photolithography - Mask Making 5 Sept. 6 Thin film growth - evaporation, sputtering Buhrman 10-Sep 6 Sept. 11 Epitaxy, MBE, CVD Buhrman Photolithography - Device Fab. 7 Sept. 13 Etching - Wet and Dry Buhrman 17-Sep 8 Sept. 18 Scanned Probes I Buhrman CNT Growth 9 Sept. 20 Scanned Probes II Buhrman 24-Sep 10 Sept. 25 Electron Microscopy and Analysis Buhrman Atomic Force Microscopy 11 Sept. 27 Electron Beam Lithography - resist and techniques Buhrman 1-Oct 12 Oct. 2
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Lecture_1___07__Intro.final - AEP/Eng. 102 Introduction to...

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