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Here’s the authors’ solution:  1-10. Employers of both accounting and IS personnel often rank “analytical reasoning” and “writing” skills on the same priority as technical skills, and some rank them even  higher. Said one recruiter at the school of one author: “I can train new employees to use our computer systems and perform the majority of the technical tasks we will require of  them. What I cannot train them to do is to think analytically or logically. And what I refuse to do is to teach them to speak and write clearly and effectively—skills they should  have learned in high school.” Another recruiter said it slightly differently: “Give me a technically-competent accounting or IS student who can perform AIS tasks well, and I will  pay them X dollars. Give me a student who can explain to my clients how our services can solve their business problems and I will pay them 2X dollars.” 
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Unformatted text preview: There are several other attributes beyond “analytical thinking” and “writing” skills that many employers also value highly. One of them is “teamwork”—i.e., the ease and willingness of an employee to work with others instead of working alone. Another is “dedication”—i.e., the willingness and desire to get a given job done even if this means working more than 40 hours a week. A third is meticulousness—the attention to detail and the desire to get all the details correct. Finally, there is “selflessness”—the willingness to sacrifice personal goals, ego, and time in order to finish important organizational and professional projects....
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