Test review 2 - Test Review 2 (Wed. 10:00pm start class)...

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Test Review 2 (Wed. 10:00pm start class) Chapter 8 Def: International marketing research- the systematic gathering recording and analyzing of data to provide information useful to marketing decisions. 1. Information must be communicated across cultural barriers a. Research in English must be translated clearly to Chinese 2. Environments in which research tools are applied are often different in foreign markets Breath and scope of int: What kinds of information does int mktg research gather economical, psychographic… etc. General information about the country, area, and market Information necessary to forecast future marketing requirements: anticipating social, economic, consumer, and industry trends within specific markets or countries Specific market information- used to make product promotion distribution and price decisions and to develop marketing plans. Stages of research process (no details)- defines the research problem and establishes research objectives. Problem: turn ambiguous business problem into achievable research objective. (Difficult in an unfamiliar environment) Read about problem availability and use of secondary data Reliability: consistency of data, official statistics sometimes too optimistic Comparability- manner in which data is collected can be outdated Availability- Quality and quantity of available marketing related data available in the US is unmatched by other countries (Japan is close 2 nd ); researcher’s language skills is another problem validating secondary data- check consistency of secondary data with valid other data as a way to judge validity Know definitions of primary data- collected specifically for the task at hand Quantitative v. Qualitative- large numbers of respondents are asked to reply verbally or a written structured questions using specific response format, (behavior intentions attitudes motives demographics) Qualitative- questions are open-ended in depth and unstructured and reflect feelings and thoughts (exploratory research)
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Test review 2 - Test Review 2 (Wed. 10:00pm start class)...

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