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Riverpoint Write1 Rating the News Sites - Running head:...

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Running head: RATING THE NEWS SITES 1 Rating the News Sites Queenie Peoples HUM/176 June 12, 2011 Erin DiCesare, Ph.D.
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RATING THE NEWS SITES 2 Rating the News Sites CNN News vs. FOX News vs. MSNBC News, which is the better choice for credibility? You turn on the television and there is breaking news about another politician caught up in a sex scandal. When you want the bare facts, do you turn to CNN News, whose rating has been low for the past year, would you choose FOX News, whose network has been in a scandal of its own, or would you choose MSNBC News, the one who seems to get caught up in the middle. Well I decided to put all three networks to the test and rate which one is better in supplying credible information. The top story for today is about a politician who could not keep his pants on. Congressman Anthony D. Weiner, Democratic Representative for the 9 th District in New York, had unpleasant pictures on his Twitter account that fell into the wrong hands. When the news broke out, CNN News, FOX News, and MSNBC News rush to get their story out for the ratings. With all the publicity from the news networks, the Democratic Minority Party Leader, Nancy Pelosi wants Congressman Weiner to step down to stop further embarrassment for the House of Representative. First let’s take a look at what CNN News posted. “Weiner decided to seek treatment amid growing pressure to resign.” United States Representative Anthony Weiner, who
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Riverpoint Write1 Rating the News Sites - Running head:...

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