Definitions - come to a point where research was pointless...

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Greg Bedsaul 20 th Century Fine Arts The first term that sticks out in my mind that I couldn’t understand was a dumbshow . Further research into the term I came across a site that said it was, and I quote, “Dumbshow, also dumb show or dumb-show, is a traditional term for pantomime in drama, actions presented by actors onstage without spoken dialogue”. There were also some terms in the first scene such as “twixt ”, when I did some more research into it I found that it was a shorter word for betwixt, which essentially means in our terms between. Some others that really caught my attention were the names in my part in scene four. From what I understand, these are merely names that the author of the play made up from Russian sounding names, but I decided to go deeper. To no avail, I had
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Unformatted text preview: come to a point where research was pointless because the only way I could get any results through major search engines is if I only used parts instead of whole names in this scene, but it’s okay because the names were funny enough in this scene because they are so ridiculously long. A couple of other terms, to name a few, are “beleaguered ” and “tumult ”. I had heard these before, but only in my distant memory in high school English classes. Naturally, I had to do some searching. Beleaguered is another term for laying siege to, which is usually trying to snuff someone out of a castle (in the most common block-buster movie sort of way that I can put it). Tumult is a, “ violent and noisy commotion or disturbance of a crowd or mob”. I thought this was a cool one....
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Definitions - come to a point where research was pointless...

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