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history unit9 discussion - negative either way for someone...

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I can see both sides to this argument, on the positive side of the Crusades it did help western Europe out of feudalism and starting the Renaissance. It also helped to advance medicine, architecture, literature, and geography. However, on the negative side many people were persecuted during the Crusades and western Europe didn’t even gain control of Jerusalem. Along with this their goal to make the eastern Mediterranean Christians ended up back firing and having a decrees in Christianity and is now today mostly a Muslim society. It also has lead to numerous more wars against religions. The holy land was important to the Christians to get because it was where where Jesus was crucified and buried. It is an important land to Islams because they believe here is where there was the revelation to the Prophet Muhammad. Either side would lose a significant part of their history to lose this land, so in that sense it is
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Unformatted text preview: negative either way for someone. I think that the European Christians felt justified because that land was where their Messiah had be crucified, although it is just as an important piece of land to the Islam people, so it’s hard to say that they were justified because if it were the other way around, Islam would have felt they were the justified ones. There are two aspects in this statement. First, the Crusades killed a lot of people and ruined the cultures of Muslim which caused them wrote down some rules to against Christian and western cultures in aspects of society and religion even today.While in the other aspect, the Crusades actually released people lived in western europe out from feudalism and also pushed the Renaissance to be true. Also, it pushed the improvements of architecture, medicine, literature, and some other social and human sciences....
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