Unit 4 Assignment - Unit 4 Assignment Points Possible 40...

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Unit 4 Assignment Points Possible: 40 Due Date: Friday, June 24 (11:59 PM) Part 1 - United States v Omole - Internet Fraud Case On Page 191 of your text is Case Problem #7-8 - A Question of Ethics. The case highlighted is United States v Omole . (If the link does not work here is the URL: http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-7th-circuit/1432707.html ) In this case a 20-year old college student worked in a cell phone store. He committed some very serious crimes and even pulled a family member into his illegal activity. 1. After reviewing the case, provide a summary of what Davis Omole's crime(s). What did he do? His crime is identity theft. He built an identity-theft scheme which stolen over 100 individuals identity to buy items, clothing, and services. And also used those fraud identity to run the account in ebay and held auctions to sell the cell phone they got by using those fraud identity information form the customer of the cell phone store they work for. 2. What family member did he pull into his crimes with him? His young brother, Samuel Omole 3. What crime(s) was Davis Omole convicted? Identity thief. 4. What was Davis Omole's sentence as handed down by the judge? A 36 months' imprisonment 5. The case you are provided was published in 2008. The United States appealed Davis Omole's sentence. What did the appeals court rule about Davis Omole's sentence? Was it to be reviewed again? If so, why? Was the judge's sentence to be left alone? If so, why? Yes it was be reviewed again. Because other two defendants thought the sentences to them were not reasonable based on the same conduct. Yes, the judge’s sentence was be left alone. Because his judgement is lacking of persuasion to reduce the imprisonment of Davis Omole’s crime by just based on his age (20 years-old). 6.
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Unit 4 Assignment - Unit 4 Assignment Points Possible 40...

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