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speech outline final - Christina Luckey Speech 2 Why we...

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Christina Luckey Speech 2 Why we should respect our soldiers Attention Getter: How many of you have the right to bare arms? How many of you have right for freedom of speech? How many of you right to vote for the president of your choice? How many of you have the right to receive a limitless education? How many of you have the right to your own religion? I will tell you every single person sitting in this room has exercised their rights for your own personal satisfaction, but how have we obtained these rights? Introduction: The only reason we as Americans have these right is because at some point since the birth of our country a soldier has put his life on the line defending them. I am here tonight to talk about first how fighting for our rights personal affect a soldier, I will tell you a story about how those sacrifices affect the friends and family of a soldier fighting for our rights, then I will discuss some of those rights we enjoy and give examples of countries who lack the rights we enjoy and also the reason we must limit the power of dictators that withhold those rights. However even if you’re for or against any military conflict, we must respect those who step up and defend the rights of humanity. Topic 1: The Sacrifice of a soldier So what does soldier sacrifice for America? Well the obvious and worse thought is yes, their life and the blood that is shed. This however is far from the only thing a marine will sacrifice while in combat. The information I am giving you is from the mouths of my
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husbands’ Marine brothers who have all safely returned in once piece psychically, but the things they have sacrificed are rather shocking and upsetting. Most will feel guilt and carry the guilt on their shoulders for the rest of their life Some will suffer nightmares Some come back to a broken home due to the stress of deployment placed on the family Some miss the birth of their child or never even get to hold their new baby. Or even simply pleasure we take advantage of everyday like the use of the phone or internet, hot cooked meals to tickle our taste buds, nice cozy beds to sleep in for good night’s rest, and even a simple hot shower to wash in are just a few small simple sacrifices a soldier will make for
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speech outline final - Christina Luckey Speech 2 Why we...

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