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Barbara Williams_ENC1101-142_Descriptive(3)

Barbara Williams_ENC1101-142_Descriptive(3) - actually left...

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Barbara Williams “Making Life Changing Decisions: It’s Never Too Late” When I made my life changing decision there were many things to consider. I felt I had nowhere to turn for help, I had been married and in an abusive relationship for 13 ½ years. My children were 11 and 12. My husband was in the Army and we were stationed in Germany at the time. I went to the military for help and received none. I began seeking out resources and finding answers to the questions I had myself. I went from being a person of dependence to a person of independence. I realized that the answers were out there but I had to figure out where to look. Throughout the obstacles I faced, I learned many things. I acquired many resources. My goals in this essay are to share those with you. From the time I requested assistance from the Army to leave the country of Germany until I
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Unformatted text preview: actually left was about 2 ½ months. I encountered resistance with every effort I made. It seemed as though no one would listen, no one would offer the help I needed to be able to leave. Of course, I was not in a position to pay for myself and 2 children to fly. I didn’t have the money to have any of my things sent back to the U.S. either. I sought legal assistance and it was very limited. In my research I found direction. I began to take the appropriate steps. When I encountered a no, I counteracted with the supporting regulations and finally I was able to get things done. It was a struggle and from it I took a valuable lesson with me. I wish someone had been there to guide me and help me. I often find myself on military posting sites today sharing my experience with others who are in the same position I was once in myself....
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Barbara Williams_ENC1101-142_Descriptive(3) - actually left...

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