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A Look Back Barbara Williams Unit 6 Composition ENC 1102 Homework Professor O’Rourke July 3, 2010
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A Look Back My first memories of writing date back to when I was 3 years old. My mother and father read to me often and I loved hearing the words that were written in the books. They began teaching me to write. First I learned how to write numbers, then the alphabet. My favorite place to write was on a chalk board with colored chalks. As I began attending school, writing became very interesting to me. I learned that through writing words we express our feelings. By the time I reached teen years, I loved to write. I kept several journals. Writing was fun. I loved sharing my feelings through writing as well as writing to tell a story. Though writing was my favorite, language arts and learning about diagramming a sentence is what I dreaded the most. Unfortunately as time progressed and I developed a greater dislike for language arts, my interests in writing took a nose dive. It was not until I had the experience of taking composition that I learned how to write all over
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BarbaraWilliams_ENC1102-Reflective Essay_Week 12_HW - A...

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