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Barbara Williams_PLA2930-1_Unit 3_Homework

Barbara Williams_PLA2930-1_Unit 3_Homework - Unit 3...

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Unit 3 Contemporary Issues in Law Barbara Williams Homework February 20, 2010 Professor Jennifer Maloon
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A. Confidentiality - Locate your state’s rule on confidentiality in the attorney’s Code of Professional Conduct and answer the following questions: Discuss the circumstances under which an attorney may reveal a client’s confidential information. In the state of Colorado, an attorney may release a client’s personal information if the client gives express consent, to prevent reasonably certain death or bodily harm, to reveal their client’s intent to commit a crime, to prevent fraud, to secure legal advice about an attorney’s compliance, to comply with law or an order of the court. Select another state code. How does this code compare to that of your state? My second choice is North Carolina. The exceptions were when the attorney is your tax preparer. When there is risk or fraud or crime, and when a trustee seeks legal advice on behalf of a trust.
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