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Final 2011 - orientation goal orientation time orientation...

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TCO5 I would form a group that was very diverse. I would have both genders, new and tenured employees, a representative from each department. I would also allow each department head to choose 2-3 from each area and then use their suggestions to form the group as well. The advantages to this type of group would be the wide range of innovative ideas and suggestions. There would be many different perspectives. The disadvantages would be that it may come down to a stiff decision making process if they could not agree to meet in the middle. The greater the mix of people the harder it would be to form a concise conclusive agreement. This could possibly lead to intervention on my part but eventually leading to a compromise to accommodate all of their interests. TCO 4 Within the global environment there are many factors to consider. Social orientation, power
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Unformatted text preview: orientation, goal orientation, time orientation, uncertainty orientation are all factors. A person must research the environment they will be going to and prepare themselves to adapt to this style of management. It is imperative to have the capability to conform quickly. For example in Germany all stores close at 2pm Saturday and do not reopen until 8am on Monday. This is a challenge to those who come from the US and obtain jobs within the German economy but mainly vice versa. A German worker for Wal-Mart never works on Sunday gets off no later than 2 on Saturday. They have chairs to sit in and do not bag your order at all. In the US they would have no chair, they would have to be available on Sundays and also bag the items that are purchased....
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