midterm review - Health for Living Midterm Review Sleep...

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Health for Living Midterm Review Sleep 1.What are the 2 main stages of sleep and percentage of time in each? REM (20-25%) and NREM (75-80%) 2. True or False: Alcohol leads to quality sleep. FALSE 3. Name 10 reasons we need sleep : tissue repair, memory, growth, energy conservation, coordination, mood, blood pressure, weight, immune system strengthen 4. Name risks factors of sleep apnea? Overweight, old age, pregnancy 5. How many sleep cycles do we go through per night? How many minutes of REM per cycle? 4-5, REM starts at 10 min and doubles each time after that Genetics 1. Does x-linked disorders affect more males or females? Why? Males, because the Y chromosome is there: only 1 X chromosome 2. What is the Genetic Information Discrimination Act say? Prohibits insurance discrimination based on genetic information, can’t change rates based on genetic info, employers cannot hire or fire or disclose genetic info, violators will face civil act law suit 3. List all 3 types of Genetic disorders and distinguish between them. Single gene, chromosomal, multifactoral 4. What are your rights under the HIPPA privacy act? Right to se records, correct errors, disclosure of your info 5. Name the two types of predictive screening tests and distinguish between the two. Pre- symptomatic--direct and pre-disposition--linkage (tells likelihood of expression of disorders) Disorders 1.What are the two cycles of bipolar disorder? Manic and depressive 2.What are risk factors of Anorexia Nervosa? Irregular periods, can’t maintain body weight, breath smells like bananas, distorted body image 3. What is body dysmorphia? Distorted body image 4. Name serious consequences of restrictive eating disorders death and osteoporosis, electrolite imbalances, omeneria 5. List symptoms of depression loss of interest, fatigue, loss of energy, weight loss/gain, disturbed sleep patterns, feelings of guilt, thoughts of death or suicide, depressed mood Health (diet, nutrition, and stress)
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midterm review - Health for Living Midterm Review Sleep...

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