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stats 2nd exam - -e=.03 z=1.96 this answer gives you the...

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P(shipment returned)=.1056 P(shipments returned>60) use .1056 as p, and p(hat) as given in the example -if measurements are made on four separate days and the mean result is compared with the criterion 140 mg/dl, what is the probability that Sheila is diagnosed as having gestational diabetes? -n=4, mu same, sigma same, must use x(bar) because it is asking for the mean -find a 95% CI for the % of all heart valves produced which are defective -use p(hat) defective balls over total balls (36/300), n=300 -calculate the % of defective heart valves to within 3% of the true 95% confidence. How many more months must she wait?
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Unformatted text preview: -e=.03, z=1.96- this answer gives you the number of balls so / by 50 balls a month and subtract 6, since already waited 6 months-suppose mr jones wants to end the lunch period after about 1800 of the 2400 students have finished lunch, how long will the lunch period last?-work backwards 1800/2400= .75 on z table =.67 = (x-mu)/sigma-crew can begin cleaning as soon as 100 or fewer students are still eating lunch, how long will the lunch period last?-work backwards again 2300/2400...
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