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Miscellaneous Fraternity Information Fraternity colors are Purple and Gold with an auxiliary White There are two fraternity songs: Brothers- Written by Thomas Daniels Brothers Are We- Written by Charles Darrin and Edward Ingraham The process by which all Brothers are initiated is through The Ritual. This includes all ceremonies held, events planned by the Initiate class, and required participation within the Fraternity. Once initiated, Brothers receive a membership certificate referred to as The Shingle. The Shingle is signed by National President and the National Secretary, and is a testament to each Brother’s lifetime membership in Phi Sigma Pi. As with many other organizations, Phi Sigma Pi has a symbolic “shield”.
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Unformatted text preview: A picture of the shield is located below. At the bottom, there is a banner with the words “Phi Sigma Pi” written in Greek. At the top of the shield sits a lamp. The center of the shield is adorned with an open book with staff laid across it on a field of purple, 3 stars laid diagonally, and clasped links on a field of gold. All of these items have significance within the Fraternity, and you will learn more about their meaning upon being initiated. ***You will also need to know the Greek Alphabet. It is your responsibility to find this information for the quiz and National Exam....
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