Letter of revolution - Concerning the Bill of R ights This...

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Concerning the Bill of Rights This is a fictional letter to Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts form Judith Sargent Murray concerning women’s rights and the fact that they were not addressed in the Bill of Rights. By: Jamie M. Dotson
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February 5, 1792 Dear Mr. Elbridge Gerry, My name is Judith Murray. I am a Universalist from Massachusetts. I am writing in regards to the recent Bill of Rights. I noticed that the first through eighth deal with individual liberties, and the ninth and tenth concern the boundary between federal and state authority. I would have liked to have seen an amendment protecting us women’s right to an advanced education. I believe that the female mind is just as capable as the male mind, and with the same educational advantages of men, could strengthen the power of our country. I think, as a wife, being united to a person whose soul nature made equal to my own; education has set him so far above me, that in those entertainments which are productive of such rational felicity, I am not qualified to accompany him. I experience a mortifying consciousness of inferiority, which embitters every enjoyment. I cannot help but despise him. As a child, I was taught basic reading and writing at home while my brother received a
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Letter of revolution - Concerning the Bill of R ights This...

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