Group speech assmnt - Scenario 3: Good Reasons Jamie Dotson...

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Scenario 3: Good Reasons Jamie Dotson Speech 1300 A, Flanary Group members: Wesley Stanley, male, age 33 Ronnie Dotson, male, age 35 Jamie Dotson, female, age 33 We categorize the subjects by age, youngest to oldest. (Some based on assumed ages because it was not given exactly.) 1. Sallie Jones, 5 2. Tom Brown, 20-30 (approx.) 3. Naomi Schultz, 35 4. Edwina Randall, 30-40 (approx.) 5. Mary Gomez, 30-50 (approx.) 6. Douglas McDonnell, 50 7. Sheila Armstrong, 65 8. James Wilson, 72 We determined who of them have other medical problems and the severity of them. 1. Sallie Jones – severe lung problems 2. James Wilson – emphysema due to chronic smoking 3. Mary Gomez – rejected previous heart transplant We all came to agreement that with previous, severe health problems, these candidates are less likely candidates, regardless of any other situation. We considered the subjects’ role in society 1. Edwina Randall – 30-40 (approx.) Society woman, conducts charitable causes and runs fundraisers 2. Tom Brown - 20-30 (approx.) Popular professional football player, role model 3. Sheila Armstrong – 65 Pastor of large church 4. Naomi Schultz – 35 House mother
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5. Douglas McDonnell - 50 – Professor of Astrophysics, working on interplanetary exploration.
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Group speech assmnt - Scenario 3: Good Reasons Jamie Dotson...

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