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Cosmology Cosmological principle Universal expansion – v = H o d Newtonian Universe – 3 possible cases (k, Ω , q) -open, closed, borderline/marginally bound Cri%cal density ‐ Ω = ρ/ρ crit GR in Cosmology – curvature of space (κ, Ω) Cosmological redshiC – λ o /λ = 1/R(t) = 1 + z Cosmological constant ‐ let ρ = ρ – Λ/8πG Age of Universe for different curvatures (Λ=0) Is the Universe open, closed, flat? Results from... ‐ adding up maSer ‐ gravita%onal effects (change of H o over %me) – Accelera%ng Universe! ‐ measuring flatness Ω tot = Ω M + Ω Λ Big Bang CMB – what, when where... (Decoupling/Recombina%on), importance to BB Radia%on/MaSer dominated Universe CMB Anisotropies (geometry of universe, seeds of structure, etc) CMB ques%ons (horizon problem, flatness problem) 2nd Exam Review Exam date & 7me: Tuesday, April 19 th from 8:30am to 10:30am
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Big Bang (con7nued) Big Bang Nucleosynthesis – during first few minutes produced He, D
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