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Unformatted text preview: Mid-term Review Special (and some General) Relativity Constancy of speed of light implications for space and time Time dilation and length contraction know equations (i.e. Lorentz factor) Doppler shift know general equation Space time interval different types Energy-momentum Lorentz transformation Eo = moc2 Astronomical tests of GR planet orbits, bending of light near sun/gravitational lensing Gravitational redshift and time dilation Black holes Schwarzschild radius Rs=2GM/c2 Milky Way Components, stellar pops, kinematics Local standard of rest LSR Ro=8 kpc and Vo=200 km/s Determining rotation curve tangent point method for interior orbits Evidence for Dark Matter MW gas distribution & spiral structure MW center star clusters, Sgr A*, supermassive BH how do we get the mass? Normal Galaxies Hubble Classification Range of sizes, masses for spirals and ellipticals Automatic classification techniques Normal Galaxies cont. Surface brightness profiles Star formation and spiral structure in galaxies Dark matter evidence and candidates - M(R) = v(R)2R/G Galaxy clusters & groups sizes, number of galaxies Know virial theorem equation for cluster masses - M = 5<vr2>R/G Large scale structure and superclusters/voids, structure formation scenarios Know Hubble law and redshift equation Universal expansion and Hubble time Distance indicators for galaxies Cepheids, Type I SN, Tully-Fisher Active Galactic Nuclei Types of AGN and dominant observable characteristics of each: QSOs, Seyferts, Blazars, Radio Galaxies, LINERs, and ULIRGs Unified Theory for AGN Powering AGN - E = mc2 and AGN luminosity L = (dm/dt)c2 Eddington Limit balance radiation and gravitation forces Eddington ratio Structure of AGNs BH, accretion disk, jets, BLR, NLR BH/bulge mass relation for galaxies AGN as part of galaxy evolution ...
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