Lecture1 - MWF 8 period (3pm to 3:50pm) Textbooks: Galactic...

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Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy - AST6309 MWF 8 period (3pm to 3:50pm) Textbooks: Exams - 1 mid-term and 1 final exam Homeworks - 5 homeworks will be assigned throughout the semester Talk - 15 minutes during the last week of the semester Topics: History of Galactic Astronomy Galaxy classification Photometric Properties of Galaxies Stellar populations, ISM and kinematics of Galaxies Properties of the Milky Way Galaxy Gravitational potentials Stellar orbits in spherical, axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric potentials Stellar-dynamical systems (CBE and Jeans Equations) Galaxy morphology and environment Clusters, groups, collisions and mergers Active Galaxies
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History of Galactic Astronomy 1609 - Galileo discovered the Milky Way is comprised of many stars 1755 - Immanuel Kant theorized that the galaxy has a planar structure,  some nebulae might actually be entire separate galaxies or  island universes 1774-1781 - Messier catalog compiled including Andromeda galaxy as  M31 1781-1802 - William and Caroline Herschel conducted first “all-sky survey”  and cataloged 5000 nebulae, resolving some into their individual stars Later (1845) William Parsons (Lord Rosse), using a 72-inch telescope,  classified the nebulae into featureless  ellipticals  and whirlpool-like  spiral  nebulae   Much later (1888) Dreyer would add to their list to create the New  General Catalog (NGC) and Index Catalog (IC)
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Lecture1 - MWF 8 period (3pm to 3:50pm) Textbooks: Galactic...

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