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Statistics 101A Professor Esfandiari One-way ANOVA Exercise to be done in class Given the following output: a) Write the research question in words. b) Write the null and alternative hypothesis in symbols. c) Interpret the F table. d) Interpret the test of homogeneity of variance; within context. e) Interpret the table of post-hocs along with the table of descriptives; within context. f) Show how you can calculate SS total using the table of descriptives. g) Show how you can calculate SS between and SS within using the table of descriptives. h) If you wanted to write the results of this study in three to five lines, what would you write? Descriptives percent on religious attitude: high scores show religion inhibits prevention practices N Mean Std. Deviation Std. Error 95% Confidenc e Interval for Mean Minimum Maximum Lower Bound Upper Bound African American 47 38.19 9.692 1.414 35.35 41.04 20 57 Arab 91 41.81 13.860 1.453 38.93 44.70 15 83 Persian 283 35.62 14.297 .850 33.95 37.29 10 100
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101A_one-way_anova_exercise_F_09 - Statistics 101A...

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