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bankfailureguidelines - The Guidelines for Bank Remittance...

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The Guidelines for Bank Remittance Failures for RTF and MTF amounts The students ,colleges, hostels who received the status of payment as “sent to bank” and as “success” or “failure” and money is not credited to their individual bank account, then the following has to be checked. Then the following steps have to be taken. 1. To check whether the bank account and IFSC code shown are correct. If they are wrong contact the district social welfare officer in case of College account or concerned district welfare officer in case of students, hostel bank accounts. They have take with them the proof of bank pass book for further process. 2. If bank details shown are correct, then check with the bank whether the account is active or closed. If closed, get it activated and obtain a letter from the bank that no amount is credited to the account from ePASS. After activation contact District Treasury Officer (DTO) and obtain a request letter token wise in prescribed proforma from DTO. With both these letters approach Office of Treasuries and
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