Balance sheet with ratios and working capital

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[Company Name] Balance Sheet  [DATE] Current ratio 3.38 Cash ratio 0.24 Quick ratio 2.91 Working capital £3,761 ASSETS LIABILITIES Current assets Current liabilities Cash and cash equivalents  373  Loans payable and current portion long-term debt  38  Short-term investments  1,517  Accounts payable and accrued expenses  1,205  Accounts receivable  1,918  Income taxes payable  327  Stock  743  Accrued retirement and profit-sharing contributions  10  Deferred income taxes  445  Prepaid expenses and other current assets  345  Total current assets  £5,341  Total current liabilities  £1,580  Other assets
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Unformatted text preview: Other liabilities Property, plant and equipment at cost 10,963 Long-term debt 2,345 Less accumulated depreciation (3,098) Accrued retirement costs 1,211 Property, plant and equipment (net) 6,495 Deferred income taxes 485 Long-term cash investments 472 Deferred credits and other liabilities 331 Equity investments 1,972 Deferred income taxes 437 Other assets 634 Total other assets 17,875 Total other liabilities 4,372 Total assets 23,216 Total liabilities 5,952...
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