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Balance sheet - Accounts payable Accrued wages Accrued...

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Balance Sheet 7 July 2011 2003 2004 Assets Current assets: Cash Investments Stock Accounts receivable Pre-paid expenses Other Total current assets £- £- Fixed assets: Property and equipment Leasehold improvements Equity and other investments Less accumulated depreciation Net fixed assets £- £- Other assets: Goodwill Total other assets £- £- Total assets £- £- Liabilities and owner's equity Current liabilities:
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Unformatted text preview: Accounts payable Accrued wages Accrued compensation Income taxes payable Unearned revenue Other Total current liabilities £- £- Long-term liabilities: Mortgage payable Total long-term liabilities £- £- Owner's equity: Investment capital Accumulated retained earnings Total owner's equity £- £- Total liabilities and owner's equity £- £- [ Company Name ]...
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