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DRAWING GRAPHS WITH EXCEL LINE GRAPHS 1. In this exercise you will learn how to draw line graphs using Microsoft Excel , a spreadsheet program. 2. You will also learn how to use the program to do some calculations , such as working out the average from a set of data. INSTRUCTIONS Section 1 1. Work in pairs, with a maximum of two people per computer. 2. From the start button, select All Programs , then Microsoft Excel . 3. This will open a blank spreadsheet page called Book 1 . This page consists of a large number of cells into which we can enter information. These cells run in rows across the page and columns up and down the page. Each cell has a unique identity, e.g. the first cell is A1, the next one down A2, etc. 4. Imagine we want to draw a graph of how the temperature in a place changes over a year. Using the table on the next page, enter the information shown. Do this very carefully, but if you make a mistake, don’t worry, simply clear the mistake by using the backspace key in the cell itself, or in the Insert Function panel – see the screenshot below. 1 Cell A1 Insert Function
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5. Transfer these figures of average monthly temperature into your spreadsheet. They show the temperature each month in a place in Siberia, the coldest inhabited area in the world. See the screenshot below the table to see what to do if you are not sure. Month J F M A M J Jl A S O N D Temperatur e -18 -16 -13 -3 11 19 22 19 14 4 -7 -15 Note: You can enter data in the spreadsheet vertically , as above, or horizontally . In this example you could use the first two rows or the first two columns.
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