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cross cultual exam - Chapter 2 Managing Interdependence...

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Chapter 2 – Managing Interdependence: Social Responsibility and Ethics Multiple Choice Questions 1. Managers today are usually quite sensitive to issues of social responsibility and ethical behavior because of ______________. a. interest groups b. legal and governmental concerns c. media coverage d. all of the above (easy, page 36) 2. Effective management of long-term cooperative relationships necessitates that managers recognize the ______________. a. global importance of profit b. global impact of business competitiveness among large corporations c. global interdependence of economies and environments (difficult, page 36) d. need to maximize profits in all economic settings 3. Issues of social responsibility continue to center on all of the following EXCEPT: a. military industrial complex. (moderate, page 37) b. the environment. c. consumer concerns. d. employees’ safety and welfare. 4. Some argue that MNCs already have a positive impact on LDCs by __________and __________. a. providing managerial training; bringing cultural change b. providing managerial training; investment capital (difficult, page 37) c. creating jobs; linking countries d. investment capital; exploiting natural resources 5. Multinational corporations are now often called ______________. a. international corporations b. domestic corporations c. transnational corporations (moderate, page 37) d. joint ventures 6. Many argue that, since MNCs operate in a global context, they should use their capital, skills, and power to play a ______________ role in handling worldwide social and economic problems. a. political b. socioeconomic c. proactive (moderate, page 37) d. reactive 7. Which of the following is NOT shown in the philosophies of responsiveness category in the corporate social responsibility model developed by Archie Carroll? a. defense b. proaction c. reaction d. dialogue (moderate, page 38) 216
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8. The sales, debts, and resources of the largest multinationals exceed the _______________ of some nations. a. gross national product b. public and private debt c. resources d. all of the above (moderate, page 37) 9. The concept of international social responsibility is the expectation that MNCs concern themselves about ______________ effects of their decisions regarding activities in other countries. a. philosophical b. competitive c. environmental d. social and economic (moderate, page 37) 10. In between the corporate extremes of working solely for the interests of stockholders and working to solve social problems is the position of being ______________. a. socially reactive (moderate, page 37) b. environmentally sensitive c. professionally committed d. ecologically proactive 11. Carroll’s model of social responsibility includes the social responsibilities categories of _____________, ______________, and ______________ plus those at the discretion of the firm. a.
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cross cultual exam - Chapter 2 Managing Interdependence...

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