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Chapter 3 – Understanding the Role of Culture Multiple Choice Questions 1. ______________ is having a working knowledge of the cultural variables affecting management decisions. a. Cultural sensitivity b. Cultural accommodation c. Cultural transfer d. Cultural savvy (easy, page 82) 2. ______________ is an awareness and an honest caring about another individual’s culture. a. Cultural accommodation b. Cultural empathy (moderate, page 83) c. Cultural sympathy d. Cultural transfer 3. According to research by Black and Mendenhall, up to ______________ of expatriate managers leave their assignments early because of poor performance or poor adjustment in the local environment. a. 10% b. 40% (difficult, page 83) c. 50% d. 55% 4. AT&T executives were the first to admit that one of the greatest challenges of putting an international venture together was ______________. a. the financial risks involved b. partners frequently see the world in different ways (difficult, page 84) c. employees do not want to work hard in certain cultures d. managers are ethnocentric 5. The culture of ______________ in the Netherlands was incorporated into business policy when KLM Royal Dutch Airlines revised its travel-benefits policy for families of employees. a. financial performance b. cost control c. human relations development d. social responsiveness (moderate, page 84) 6. The problem KLM encountered in the Netherlands centered around the issue of ______________. a. bilingual versus monolingual employees b. male versus female employees c. pay differences between men and women d. marital status or sexual preference (moderate, page 84) 7. Convergence occurs when ______________. a. management styles evolve into entirely different styles over time b. management styles become more similar to one another (difficult, page 85) c. managers agree to disagree on how to manage d. employees and managers begin to behave alike 226
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8. A self-reference criterion means that we ______________. a. refer to the opinions of others in forming our own opinions b. unconsciously refer to our own cultural values (difficult, page 87) c. refer to other cultures in trying to understand our own better d. understand our culture more than we understand other cultures 9. Several Japanese workers at a U.S. manufacturing plant had to learn how to ______________ when there was trouble. a. put courtesy aside and interrupt conversations (difficult, page 88) b. speak more rapidly c. treat men differently from women d. interpret American slang 10. Europeans can be fooled by a deceiving appearance of ______________ in American business. a. objectivity b. informality (moderate, page 88) c. formality d. professionalism 11. The first step toward cultural sensitivity is for an international manager to ______________. a.
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tif_ch03 - Chapter 3 Understanding the Role of Culture...

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