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Cowins 1 Zane Cowins PSYCH 422 Dr. Pagano 6/22/11 Why I Only Want to Hear. After considering all the facts put forth by Rosenblum in See What I’m Saying and taking into account my own personal preferences I decided if I could only have one sense it would be to be able to hear. My love for music and the idea of sensory conditioning being able to help spatially decipher things helped me come to this conclusion. The fact that someone who is blind is able to echolocate well enough to ride a bike through a mountain terrain, or a blind artist being able to feel the differences in paint. Rosenblum effectively describes the experience of sound and sight in several ways and carefully explains how this expands our experience of the world. I do, however; believe that the loss of the other senses would be tragic. After reading Rosenblum’s book I realized that our body is capable of more than I could have ever imagined. Whether it be being able to simply feel the differences in paint, or training one’s eyes to be better used at night, the body is simply a wonderland filled with locked secrets waiting for us to unearth them. As I previously mentioned I believe that hearing would be the optimal sense to keep if one were to lose all but one of the senses. To not be able to hear a loved one’s voice for the last
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Cowins 2 time, or miss a note of music, and even the annoying noises of the birds in the morning would kill me. My love for music and all
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422Paper - Cowins 1 Zane Cowins PSYCH 422 Dr Pagano Why I...

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