Profile of the customers - P rofile of the customers a)...

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Profile of the customers a) Elementary/Secondary education: Aged 7-18 students are the most suitable for company target. This level customer is to find out children great talent through Dermatoglyphics Code Test. This test help determine their personal style of learning and inborn characteristics. Second, the test also identifies their innate strengths and weaknesses, personalize education programs according to their abilities, and can be used as a reference for subject and course selections. b) Tertiary education This level customer is for adult. In this level, it is discovering the individual’s abilities and choose right career path. Second, identify and develop individual core competencies, and identify the most suitable learning and leadership styles. c) Corporate education At the corporate level, it helps find the right person for the right job. The Dermatoglyphics test can help corporate to pre-employment screening entrust employee who has the most potential, and maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. Product or Service Global Talents Resources Dermatoglyphics services are very accurate, fast and simple. It can be divided into 2 categories which are customers and members in one category and another category is consultants. Both groups
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will undergo personal Diagnosis, fingerprint scanning, report Analysis, Result Interpretation and Growth Chatting. However, consultants’ categories will undergo extra program. These include product training and development/ recruitment program. In these category, every consultant that undergo the this special program will being taught on how to handle the fingerprint and company software, attend the 7 hours training class, and will be train to handle certain task which include explaining the whole assessment results (individual fingerprint report) and analysis individual fingerprint using the fingerprint scanner and last but not least
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Profile of the customers - P rofile of the customers a)...

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