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EPIC - Intercultural Communication Sample Exam Questions Here are a few examples of multiple choice and short answer for the exam. Notes: There will also be matching questions and an essay on the exam. There are a variety of types of questions in each category.  Therefore, you  should not assume that all multiple choice questions, for example, will take  exactly the same form or measure the same kind of knowledge as the  samples given below. You are not required to cite sources on the exam as long as the material you  are using comes from this course. Sample multiple choice questions (1 point each) 1.  The  meaning  of words is located in a. words. b. referents. c. people and contexts. d. all of the above.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Silence will tend to be negatively valued and responded to by a a. high context and doing culture. b. high context and being culture. c. low context and doing culture. d. low context and being culture. Sample short answer questions 1. Why is backstage culture difficult for insiders of a culture to identify? Why is backstage culture difficult for outsiders of a culture to identify? Why does backstage culture reveal more information and more accurate information about a culture than front stage culture ? (4 points) 2. Describe the difference between losing face , saving face , and giving face in collectivist cultures. (3 points)...
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