Module 1 Assignment

Module 1 Assignment - Module 1 Assignment Vick Patel...

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Module 1 Assignment Vick Patel 9849-9181 1. Eating Disorders Dancers o There were many things in the video that surprised me. The fact that most of these beautiful women saw themselves as fat and ugly shocked me greatly. They had really good lives but dwelled on their bodies instead of seeing what they actually had in life. I was surprised that many dancers struggled with eating disorders, mainly because I thought the majority of them were actually small and petite normally and would not have to purge or starve themselves to achieve their little bodies. Their careers were on the line along with their bodies and it was sad to see what the girls had to go through just to get something that they wanted so badly, but had to pay another price just to receive it. Models o Another interesting thing that surprised me was how incredibly small most of the women in the video were; they were significantly underweight and it made me wonder how their bodies could survive at such a low weight. The models were way too skinny for most people to even think of them as attractive but in their minds they were trying to achieve a body which would give them attention, which they received, but it was not great attention. 2. Commonality amongst Girls with EDs
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Module 1 Assignment - Module 1 Assignment Vick Patel...

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