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Module 1 Reflection Sheet-1

Module 1 Reflection Sheet-1 - video 2 What common themes...

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Module 1 Assignment – Reflection Sheet Answer each of the questions with a response of at least 200 words. There are no "right" or '"wrong" answers. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage your critical thinking and personal reflection on this material. Your points will be based on the criteria listed in the Rubric which is found under the assignment instructions. 1. What was the most surprising thing about eating disorders that you learned while watching the
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Unformatted text preview: video? 2. What common themes did you notice among the girls who were interviewed about their eating disorders? 3. What seemed to be some effective treatment strategies that the girls used to help overcome/improve their eating disorder? 4. What did you like the most and least about the video?...
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