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bew chap16

Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, The (9th Edition)

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The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, 9e (Mishkin) Chapter 16 The Conduct of Monetary Policy: Strategy and Tactics 16.1 Monetary Targeting 1) Under monetary targeting, a central bank announces an annual growth rate target for ________. A) a monetary aggregate B) a reserve aggregate C) the monetary base D) GDP Ques Status: Previous Edition 2) During the years 1979 to 1982, the Federal Reserve's announced policy was monetary targeting. During this time period the Federal Reserve A) hit all of their monetary targets. B) did not hit any of their monetary targets because it is believed that controlling the money supply was not the intent of the Federal Reserve. C) did not hit any of their monetary targets because they were unrealistic. D) hit about half of their monetary targets. Ques Status: Previous Edition 3) Compared to the United States, Japan's experience with monetary targeting performed 4) One of the factors that contributed to the success German policymakers had using a monetary targeting type policy was that 1
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5) Which of the following is the best description of the monetary policy strategy followed by the European Central Bank (ECB)? 6) Which of the following is an advantage to money targeting? A) There is an immediate signal on the achievement of the target. B) It does not rely on a stable money-inflation relationship. C) It implies lack of transparency. D) It implies smaller output fluctuations. Ques Status: Previous Edition
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bew chap16 - The Economics of Money Banking and Financial...

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