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364 Final Paper Sp 11-1 - HSTAS/SISSE 364 Spring 2011 Final...

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HSTAS/SISSE 364, Spring 2011, Final Paper Questions, Sears Please answer two of the questions below for your final paper. You should devote roughly 2.5 double- spaced type-written (12 pt. font, 1” margins) pages to each question, thus 5 pages in all. You must use at least three examples (at least one novel and one film) for each question as well as material or exeriences from your video project. Each answer must include a comparison of Indonesia with one of the other countries we have studied this quarter, and you must compare different countries in each essay, i.e. compare Indonesia with Viet Nam in one essay and Indonesia with the Philippines in the second. You may not discuss the same novels or essays in both of your questions. But you can use material from your video projects in each essay. Please feel free to rework parts of your answers from your in-class writings into these final papers. FINAL ESSAYS Due Tuesday June 7 th by 5pm in Smith 315
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